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The "Old-Fashioned" way...

Would you like to have an agent who does Real Estate in the "old-fashioned" way?

Are you tired of agents who are more concerned with volume - more listings, more sales - rather than personal service?

Would you accept your agent telling you that they've looked at the home market and "these three are the only ones worth looking at?"

Or, would you like an agent who will show you everything in your price range with the amenities you desire?

Would you allow an agent to fax your offer on a property to the listing agent to present to their seller? Or, would you like an agent who would drop everything, present your offer to the sellers and their agent personally, and not leave until all negotiations are completed with your best interests in mind. One who will not relent until she gets that property for the lowest possible price. An agent who will stick by you and your attorney during the home inspection period, the attorney approval period, continue to negotiate strongly for remediation of defects and repairs.

As a listing agent, I'm "hands-on." That's why I take a few listings at a time, never too many that would interfere with my being personally present at open houses. I take the time to get a "House of the Week" feature in the Republican or the Chronicle. I personally call every agent who shows your home and obtain feed back, so that we, you the seller, me the agent, you and I, get the knowledge we need to know how the market is responding to your property, its condition and price.

I am notorious for getting top dollar for your property. I am notorious for marketing property effectively, which protects your investment.

I am hard working, persistent, and patient. I take the time to do the job for you. You never have to apologize to me for wanting to see one more house or to do one more open house, or do mailings to target buyers, or personalize newspaper advertising to best market your home.

I use state-of-the-art computer technology and computer experts and the Internet to market your property and to stay abreast of what the market has to offer.

Remember, I do Real Estate the "old-fashioned" way.

-- Margaret Allen

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